ZILA GmbH develops and manufactures measurement, test and control devices for fluid (liquid and gaseous) media using innovative sensor technologies. The company is known for its competencies in the areas of pressure, climate, leakage and ventilation. ZILA GmbH with its products and solutions is motivated to enhance the quality of life, to increase the energy efficiency as well as to improve personnel and facility protection.

Standard products

  • Pressure sensors, pressure switches, safety pressure limiters
  • Climate sensors and loggers (humidity, temperature),
  • CO2-Sensors, CO2-switches,
  • Air quality guard, ventilation control systems,
  • Leakage measurement and test devices

Range of services

  • Standard sensors, measurement and control devices
  • Sensor customization and custom development
  • Application-consulting to select suitable sensor technology
  • Feasibility analysis and proof of concepts
  • Research cooperation


Ventilation Controller for decentralized dehumidification, cooling and airing

Pressure Measurement & Process Safety

Product ordering and contact

Lots of our probes, transmitters and controllers from the fields of pressure, climate, leakage and ventilation can be individually configured and adapted to their applications. In addition, important aspects of preparing a bid are various media and electrical connections as well as questions about accessories. Therefore, let us advise you professional and not binding. Our experienced staff prepares you a suitable offer quickly.

Our experienced sales staff and engineers are looking forward to your inquiry!

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