dew point sensors

The dew point is an important measurand for many applications in the climate sector.

dew point sensor TPS-205

The dew point sensors can determine the dew point precisely due to the simultaneous measurement of temperature and relative humidity.

For the connection to measuring instruments and controls both the dew point and the temperature are provided as 0.5...5V and 0.5...10V signals.

dew point sensor TPS-205 dew point sensor TPS-310 with enhanced temperature range
This dewpoint sensors allow the measurement of dewpoint and temperature in the ambient air in indoor and outdoor areas under the defined operating conditions.

Range Dewpoint: -50...+80°C.

  • accuracy: ±2°C (30...100 % r.H.)
    optional ±1°C (30...100 % r.H.)
  • output dewpoint: 0,5...5,0 V
  • response time: < 20 sec

Range Temperature: -20...+80°C

  • accuracy: ±0,5 K @ 25°C
  • response time: < 20 sec
  • output temperature: 0,5...5,0 V


  • Load resistant > 20 kOm
  • current consumtion about 0,8 mA
  • automatic selftest

Optional Interfaces:

  • RS232
  • Temperature switcher
  • Dewpoint switcher

Operating Conditions:

  • ambient operation temp. -20 bis +80 °C
  • protection mode
    - Sensor IP 30
    - Electronic IP 65
  • EMV and ESD: EN 50082-1, EN 50082-2
  • archiv monitoring
  • room air conditioning
  • Data logger and special wether stations

Power supply: 12..32 V DC

Range temperature: -40..85 °C

  • accuracy: +/-1,5°C
  • response time: <20 sec
  • output temperature: 0,5..5,0 V/ 0,5..10V
  • output dewpoint: 0,5..5,0 V/ 0,5..10V


  • Load resistant: >20 kOhm
  • current consumtion: about 15 mA
  • automatic selftest: if sensor error occurs the outputs will be switched > 10V
Operating conditions:
  • ambient operation temp: -40..+85°C
  • protect mode:
  • Sensor IP30
  • Electronic IP65
  • EMV and ESD: EN 50082-1, EN 50082-2
  • archiv monitoring
  • room air conditioning
  • Data logger for supervision of storehouses and container

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