dehumidification controller EKS-13

EKS-13 basement dehumidification controller
compact controller for dehumidification of building

EKS-13 Entfeuchtung Keller Gebäude

This product can no longer be delivered.
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product features

  • power supply: 24 V DC
  • climate driven (aH) ventilation controller through comparison of the absolute humidity inside and outside
  • integrated frost protection
  • adjustable switching cycle (for example 10 min. on, 20 min. off)
  • manuell ventilation by button pushing
    • ventilation cycle starts immediatly and ends automatically after 20 minutes or by pressing the button again
  • datalogging and data transmission to PC via USB Cable

technical specifications

  • Connectors
    • inside climate probe (T, rF): VB = 5V, digital out
    • outside climate probe (T, rF): VB = 5V, digital out
    • 1 ventilation device: 24 V DC / 12 W
    • alternatively 1 motorized window opener: 24V DC / 15 W
  • measuring range of the climate probes:
    • inside: 0...100 % rF / 0...50 °C
    • signal output: digital (rF, T)
    • outside: 0...100 % rF / -40...+80 °C
    • signal output: digital (rF, T)
    • measurement accuracy T: ± 0,2 °C
    • measurement accuracy rF: ± 2 %
  • Operating conditions
    • temperature: 0...50 °C
    • relative humidity: 85 % not condensing
    • protection class of the housing: IP54
    • EMV/ESD: EN50082-1/2

Product data sheet


  • Branchen und Anwendungsgebiete
    • dehumidification of buildings (new construction)
    • brickword drying (moisture in the basement)
    • automated ventilation

scope of supply

  • climate controller EKS13
  • climate probe KS11 (inside)
  • climate probe KS10 with 10m of cable (outside)
  • manual
  • transformer 18V/50W or power supply 24VDC/12W
  • USB - cable
  • CD with PC-Software

price and availability

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