aH controlled technology

aH Controlled: proper ventilation and dehumidification to protect the building structure and residents 

Excessive moisture in the ambient air leads to mould and is a danger to the building fabric and health of residents

A climatic status detection is essential if basements, houses, residential and office buildings as well as museums and archives are to be ventilated or dehumidified. This also applies to prevent unpleasant odors, mold on walls and objects, as well as damage caused by moisture (moisture damage). In many cases, the reason for this is due to incorrect or inadequate ventilation and structural conditions during reconstruction, modernization and for new buildings. A controlled, user-independent and appropriate ventilation is a suitable solution for this problem.

Ventilation and dehumidification depending on the absolute humidity

The core principle of ZILA climate controllers is based on the comparison of the water vapor concentration in the ambient air and the outside air. The water vapor concentration is calculated from the temperature and relative humidity and is called absolute humidity (aH), which is the real indicator for building dampness and moisture. It measures the actual moisture in the air. To ensure that the moist air is transported away and only drier air from the outside flows into the room, aH Controlled compares the absolute humidity of indoor and outdoor air. Without this comparison or without consideration of the outdoor climate, there is a risk of condensation and mold forming on walls and windows, while the room is humidified.

"aH Controlled" is the leading technology for the automated identification of appropriate conditions for ventilating by the ventilation or dehumidification control while taking the climatic conditions in and outside the building into account. The most common ventilation fans with or without heat recovery as well motorized window openers are controlled fully automated by the devices. This technology ensures a healthy building and healthy indoor climate and also works extremely energy efficient, since a ventilation cycle only begin when there is a need and an air exchange is advisable.


  • Comparison of indoor and outdoor climate using absolute humidity
  • “aH Controlled” approach removes dampness in a controlled and reliable manner to achieve and maintain an ideal indoor climate (optimal temperature and humidity ratio)
  • “aH Controlled" is an economical method for room climate control because it takes the temperature into account and therefore performs ventilation cycles energy-optimized and largely without heat losses

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