aH-Controlled technology

Our ventilation technology - aH-Controlled

aH Controlled: How to protect the fabric of a building and its residents with proper ventilation & dehumidification

Excessive humidity in the room air leads to mould growth and thus poses a risk to the building fabric and the health of the residents.

A climatic status recording is absolutely necessary if cellars, as well as residential and office buildings, museums and archives are to be ventilated or dehumidified. This also applies in case of odour nuisance, mould growth on walls and objects or damage caused by dampness (moisture damage). Often, the cause is incorrect or inadequate ventilation. In addition, structural conditions after renovation can be a factor causing this situation.
Therefore, controlled, user-independent and need-based ventilation is the ideal solution for this problem.

Ventilation and dehumidification based on absolute humidity

The fundamental principle of ZILA's climate controls is based on the comparison of the water vapour content of the indoor and outdoor air. The water vapour content is defined by the absolute humidity (=aH) and is a measure of the "actual" humidity in the air. It is calculated from the temperature and the relative humidity. The comparison of the absolute humidity of the indoor and outdoor climate ensures that moist air is removed from rooms and only drier outdoor air is brought inside. Without this comparison or taking the outdoor climate into account, the risk of condensation on walls and windows, and ultimately mould formation, arises because the room is humidified as a result.

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"aH Controlled" describes the automated determination of suitable times for ventilation by our ventilation and dehumidification controls, whilst considering the climatic conditions inside and outside a building. Our devices are able to control the most common fans with and without heat recovery as well as motor-driven window openers fully automatically. This technology helps to keep the building at a healthy level and to maintain a good indoor climate. Moreover, it is also very energy-efficient, as ventilation only takes place if necessary and when an air exchange makes sense.


  • "aH Controlled" gives an overview about the climatic conditions indoors and outdoors as well as an evaluation of the absolute ("actual") humidity.
  • "aH Controlled" removes humidity from a room in a controlled and reliable manner and maintains a constant indoor climate (optimum temperature-humidity ratio).
  • "aH Controlled" is an economical method for room climate control, as temperature is taken into account and ventilation processes are therefore largely carried out energy-efficiently without any heat loss.