Pressure monitoring

Pressure monitoring

Pressure monitoring and pressure safety devices

Safety, quality and efficiency for process and climate technology and when handling with liquid and gaseous media using ZILA's pressure safety devices

pressure Monitoring and pressure safety devices

Gases, such as air, water vapour or CO2, and liquids, such as water and oil, play a major role in everyday life, but above all in industrial processes in the fields of climate and refrigeration technology. We, ZILA GmbH, based in Suhl, South Thuringia, Germany, have set ourselves the goal of understanding and mastering these media and have been successful on the market with our wide range of product solutions for more than 20 years.

Sensors and devices for pressure monitoring

Our (differential) pressure switches for pressure monitoring offer variable, adjustable measuring ranges for different areas of application.

The electronic safety pressure limiter is a type-approved pressure safety device for minimum and maximum pressure limitation up to 500bar, certified by the German TüV

Pressure switch

Differential pressure switch

Pressure switch

Safety pressure limiter

safety pressure limiter

Safety pressure limiting

Differential pressure limiter DDB

differential pressure limiter DDB

Differential pressure limiter DDB


Safety pressure limiter for pressure monitoring and limitation in the application

The electronic safety pressure limiter is suitable for use on compressors in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, in refrigeration plants, heat pumps and steam boilers. All refrigerants in media groups 1 and 2 such as CO2 (R744) are approved for use with the safety pressure limiter in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.

With an accuracy of 0.2% of the nominal pressure and the switching point adjustment via the PC software DB-1000 Soft as well as via the smartphone app, the electronic safety pressure limiter with TÜV certification is characterised by its precision and easy operation. Due to the EC type examination, according to directive 97/23/EC, this product is suitable for safety-relevant pressure limitation in general hydraulic systems.

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DW500: Safety pressure limiter with switch function

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Reliable protection with precision - Electronic pressure limiters

Reliable protection with precision - Electronic pressure limiters

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Quotation, price information and ordering

Many of our products can be adapted to their fields of application and use individually. Besides the individual factory-set parameters, such as the different measuring ranges, the surrounding media and electrical connections and accessories are also important aspects for the offer.
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