co2 detection

co2 detection

CO2 sensors and detectors with optical measurement principle for industrial for industrial, commercial and private use 

switch and sensor for CO2 carbon dioxid measurement

carbon dioxid sensors and switches for measuring, checking controlling of CO2 based on infrared absorption measurement (NDIR) for application up to 30.000ppm.

We would like to show you our comptence in the field of CO2 mesurement with the following documents and products:

measurement range up to 50.000ppm avaiable on request.

Product Indoor Air Quality Guard LGW-13 Industrial sensor ZMF-100-IR CO2 switch CSC-1 CO2 Sensor ZMF-200e-IR
Image Luftgütewächter LGW13 Co2 Sensor CO2-Sensor 2 Kanal ZMF-100 IR Industrie CO2 Schalter CSC1 CO2 Sensor ZMF-200e-IR
Measurement range 0 -3.000 ppm, 0-1vol%, 0-3vol% 0 - 50.000 ppm 0 -3.000 ppm 0-100 vol.%
Measurement priciple

optical CO2 measurement principle

NDIR infrared absorption measurement

Voltage 24 V DC / 150mA 24 V DC / 100mA 230 V AC power cable 10…30 V DC
Output 4 - 20 mA / 0-10V 0-10 V, 4 -20 mA 2 x 230V / 500 W
(elektron. Relais)2 x Relais (potentialfrei)
Accuracy +/- 30 ppm +/- 3 % vom MW +/- 2 % +/- 30 ppm +/- 3 % vom MW tba.
Housing IP20  Plastic IP40 Alu plastic IP30 stainless steel
electrical connection Schraubklemme binding screw cable cable
special features bar graph display, switching output suitable for industrial use and applications 2 switching thresholds SIL2 certified, ATEX certification on request
product details  air quality guard (IAQ) LGW-13  industrial co2 transmitter ZMF-100-IR  co2 switch CSC-1 CO2 Sensor ZMF-200e-IR

ZILA GmbH has 20 years of experience with gaseous and liquid media such as CO2. Carbon dioxide is used as a refrigerant or as an indicator of indoor air quality (indoor air quality). Since a high CO2 concentration can be life-threatening for people, we offer CO2 sensors and switches such as the CO2 exhaust air control CSC-1 or the IAQ indoor air quality Guard LGW-13.

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Lots of our probes, transmitters and controllers from the fields of pressure, climate, leakage and ventilation can be individually configured and adapted to their applications. In addition, important aspects of preparing a bid are various media and electrical connections as well as questions about accessories. Therefore, let us advise you professional and not binding. Our experienced staff prepares you a suitable offer quickly.

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