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Precise level measurement with out leakage probes and overfill protections according to WHG with EX approval and SIL

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Overfill protection /Ex/WHG/SIL

Füllstandsmesser Füllstands- und Pegelsonde

The level sensors are approved by the DIBt as level limit switches of overfill prevention systems for containers for storing water-polluting liquids. When the liquid level rises, the float switches the reed contacts mounted in the guide tube via a magnetic system. The resistance change in the sensor circuit triggered by the switching process is evaluated and the output relay is activated. The parts of the level detector that come into contact with the media are completely made of PE, PP, PVC, PVDF. This makes the level detector ideal for use on tanks for storing highly aggressive media.

Leak Detector/Ex/WHG/SIL

Füllstandsmesser leckagesonde

Our leakage probes and leakage probes for Ex-Zone 1 (Cat. 2) are approved on the basis of the "WasBauPVO" by "DIBt" for the detection of leaked water-polluting liquids. The location of use as leakage probes is provided in the space between a tank and its associated collecting trough.

Alarm Indicator/WHG/SIL general building authority approval


The alarm annunciators are independent signalling devices for alarm indication with optical and acoustic alarm signal. The alarm detectors can be used with an overfill level sensor and a leakage probe as a monitoring device of a tank on site.

Contacts /Ex/SIL, Floats and Weights

Kontakte /Ex/SIL, Schwimmer, Gewichte

The floats and weights with magnetic insert are used in connection with our level instruments MTA, ÜTA and W-35...

The bistable contact BK-380, BK-390 is a magnetically actuated changeover switch which permanently changes its electrical switching state depending on the direction of movement when a magnet system passes by. It can be attached to level indicators, e.g. water level indicator W-35..., tank level indicator MTA-50, over-tank indicator ÜTA-32... etc. to realize a level control - also retrofitted.

Electrodes & Ex electrodes Zone 0/WHG/SIL/Ex/SIL

Elektroden & Ex-Elektroden Zone 0/WHG/SIL/Ex/SIL

When using a level limit electrode, the electrode rod can be screwed in manually.

These conductive electrodes can be used for Min/Max controls, limit signalling, dry-running and overflow protection in conjunction with our electrode relays.

Float switch /Ex/SIL/RoHS

Schwimmschalter /Ex/SIL/RoHS

Float switches are used for simple limit value acquisition. The float floats on the liquid surface through the higher density of the liquid, and acutates a switching operation when the float deviates from the horizontal position.

Due to the large float a very good buoyancy is guaranteed.

Immersible Magnetic Probes/SIL & Ex magnetic immersion. Zone 0 /WHG/SIL

Magnettauchsonden /SIL & Ex-Magnettauchs. Zone 0 /WHG/SIL

The magnetic immersion probes are used to detect level limits in containers for liquid media. The materials used are PVC, PE, PPH, PTFE, brass or stainless steel (1.4571) depending on the requirements. Therefore, the magnetic immersion probes are also suitable for use with highly aggressive media.

Pneumatic level switches

Pneumatische Niveauschalter

The level switch -pneumatic- is a very reliable and simple sensor for the detection of liquids, especially as overflow protection. The liquids can be aggressive, sticky or heavily contaminated. The switch can also be used to signal minimum levels. It can only be used in open and unpressurized containers, tanks etc.

Capacitiv Limit Switch

Kapazitive Sonden

Capacitive limit switches respond on approach of solid and liquid media. They can be adjusted in such a way that they switch both in contact with the medium and contact less. They are suitable for plastic tanks, glass and plastic tubes.

Vibrating Limit Switch


The vibrating limit switch is a level limit switch for all kinds of fluids and is used in tanks, containers and pipelines. It is used in cleaning and filtering systems and coolant and lubricant tanks as an overspill protection or as a pump protector. It also works in applications which are unsuitable for other measuring methods due to conductivity, build-ups, turbulence, flows or air bubbles.

Switching amplifier/relay /Ex/WHG/SIL 1-channel and 2-channel

Schaltverstärker/Relais /Ex/WHG/SIL

The electrode relays are used for conductive detection of filling levels. The application possibilities extend to all areas in which conductive, liquid media are to be detected, controlled or regulated. Both limit level detection (overflow / dry run) and minimum / maximum control can be realized.

Liquid Level Measuring

Kontinuierliche Tauchsonden /SIL/Ex

The continuous magnetic immersion probes T30... are used for quasi-continuous detection of the filling level in containers for liquid media. Materials used include PVC, PE, PPH, PTFE, brass or stainless steel (1.4571), depending on requirements. This enables the magnetic immersible probes to be used also with highly aggressive media.

Hydrostatic Filling Level Measurement


Hydrostatisch, kontinuierlich /SIL

The hydrostatic installed screwed sensors are used for filling level measurements in water and in clean to slightly contaminate liquids as well as in acids, alkaline solutions or aggressive media. Pressure less containers and tanks represent the application areas.

Programmable Digital Display /Ex

Auswertegeräte und Anzeigen

The transmitter converts the resistance signal supplied by our continuous level transmitters into a current signal proportional to the level. The standard current signal (0/4...20 mA) can be used for display / recording / control of levels or other process variables in three-wire circuitry.

Turbidity Measurement

Trübungssensor zur Trübungsmessung

The TRM-100 turbidity measuring device is a compact device for measuring the turbidity of fluids. The “turbidity” is measured by using the scattered light method FNU (Formazine Nephelometric Units / 90° angle) for the turbidity range < 1.000 FNU - and by the transmitted light method FAU (Formazine Attenuation Units / 0° angle) for the turbidity range measure > 1.000 FAU.

Warning system for light liquid seperator /Ex/SIL

Warnanlage Öl/Fett Abscheider /Ex/SIL

The OAA-400-A1/A2 warning system serves to monitor oil, gasoline, lubricant or light fluid separator systems in areas subject to explosion hazards.

Monitoring possibilities: Backwater: Monitoring of the maximum liquid level.

Leak detection: In case of a dropping liquid level, as with a leak. Boundary.

layer: Monitoring of a defined oil layer thickness. Sludge level: Detection of sludge trap/ sand. The condition of connected sensors as well as their signal lines is monitored for line breakages and short circuits.

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