Ventilation and Climate Controllers

ventilation and climate controllers

Ventilation controllers for dehumidification, ventilation and to maintain a comfortable feel-good climate

Compact, climate-, radon- and CO2-driven dehumidification and ventilation control, "whisper- quiet" dehumidification and ventilation of buildings, churches and factories, as well as low-cost climate logger with radio transmitter: At Zila you can find a variety of ventilation equipment for various industries and applications.

ventilation controller: dezentralized, user-independent and demand-optimized ventilation and dehumidifying 

The following innovative products are compact, climate-, radon- and CO2-driven controllers for decentralized, user-independent and demand-optimized ventilation and climate control systems for use in energetically renovated and modernized buildings and halls, churches, archives and meeting rooms.  

Product overview climate controllers, dehumidification, cooling and ventilation of basements and living areas

KST-20 Vento *new*

climate controller for dehumidification, ventilation and cooling for all kinds of rooms

Multi-functional climate controller KST-20 Vento with aH-Controlled Technologie for automatic, controlled and demand opimized ventilation, dehumidification and cooling of private, industrial and business rooms.

The climate controller offers seperate connections for supply air and exhaust air up to 500W as well as connections for all common ventilation devices. The devices comes with different buttons and a display that displays the current measured values. The KST-20 Vento gives the user the opportunity to set different device parameters. With comfort functionality like protection from frost and dry-out it can be used in almost every room in working-, living areas.

Also available as KST-20 Vento/RN, with an additional radon sensor. It measures the absolute humidity as well as the radon concentration in the building.

Fields of Application:

  • suitable for all buildings
  • mostly used in non living areas like basements, dry rooms and adjoining rooms
  • ventilation of rooms accoding to DIN 1946
  • dehumidification of rooms depending on the absolute humidity (aH-Controlled Technologie)
  • Ventilation of rooms with increased radon concentration
  • temperature depending cooling of rooms and electrical systems

Product Details:

KST-20 Vento Airing Cooling Dehumidification

KST-20 Vento with Radon Ventilation

KST-20 Calima *new*

climate controller for dehumidification and ventilation (DIN 1946-6)

The climate controller KST-20 Calima comes with a modern case design. Therefore it is also used for ventilation and dehumidification of living areas. The device comes pre-configured and works in an automatic mode at the desired place of use. This low-cost product doesn´t need a display or special buttons for which reason it can be used in public buildings without hesitation. The automatic mode ensures a constant climate (optimal condition of temperature and humidity) even if the user is not present. With 2 LEds only the deviced shows it´s status. One Button on the device starts a manual ventilation cycle.

The device controls 1-staged, 2-staged and speed controlled ventilation devices (0...10V) which are connected to the KST-20 Calima with easy to use plugs.  

  • two control- and switching outputs up to 500W (230V or alternativly 0...10V)
  • two devices types: 230V or 0...10V
  • suitable for all living-, and non-living areas
  • devices comes pre-configured and ready-to-use

Product Details:

KST-20 Calima

Aero_aH100 *new*

Exhaust Fan with integrated climate sensors for automatic dehumidification  for rooms up to 25m²

automatische Kellerentfeuchtung mit Ventilator

Exhaust Air ventilation device for controlled and automatic dehumidification with integrated climate probes. the integrated electronics measured the climate conditions inside the rooms and outside of the building to decide if a ventilation cycle is advantageous. This demand optimized technology compares the absolute humdity inside and outside and ventilates fully automatic. Furthermore the deviced comes with the opportunity to control an supply air fan.

  • for smaller rooms in living areas and adjoining rooms up to 25m²
  • particularly suitable for basements, garages as well as dry-rooms and laundy rooms
  • energy-efficient through aH-Controlled Technologie

Product Details:

Aero_aH100 automatic room dehumidification


climate controller KST-10/KCS-10 with integrated CO2 Sensor for air quality monitoring as well as for ventilation and dehumidification

The product is no longer avaiable. You can choose between the KST-20 Calima and KST-20 Vento.

KCS10 KST10 KCS-10 Lüftung Entfeuchtung Gebäude

decentral, demand optimized and user independent ventilation and dehumidification of buildings of all kind.

This climate controller is avaiable in two variants:

  • KST-10 (temperature and humdity measuerment with climate sensor inside and outside the building)
  • KCS-10 (additionally with integrates CO2 Sensor as well as tempature and humidity sensors)

The controller supports direct connection of 230V AC supply and exhaust air fans. Besides the automatic ventilation dependent on the climate measurement the ventilation starts when the CO2 concentration in the room reaches a configurable switching point. Other device parameters can be set up also.

  • Ventilation and dehumidification of living and working areas as well as basements, meeting and convention rooms, churches, museums etc.

Product Details:

climate controller KST-10


Basement Dehumidification device EKS-13

The product is no longer avaiable. You can choose between the KST-20 Calima and KST-20 Vento.

EKS-13 Entfeuchtung Keller Gebäude

Compact, klimate dependent dehumidification controller for direct 24V connection of fans or electronic window opener. The duhumidification is regulated demand optimized through measuring and comparison of the absolute humidity inside the room and outside the building. Frost protection and data logging functionality are integrated comfort functions as well as a manual ventilation cycle by pushing the button.

  • Dehumidification of basements and other rooms up to 100m³ bzw. 30m².

Product Details:

dehumidification controller EKS-13


Customization and Development

Are you interested in our ventilation controllers, but they do not meet your required specifications? We offer our customers a customization of our standard products as well as problem analysis, feasibility studies and proposed solutions. With 20 years of expertise in pressure, climate, leakage and ventilation, the Zila GmbH was able to develop several occasions customized devices for measuring, testing and controlling. Do not hesitate and give us a call!

Product ordering and contact

Lots of our probes, transmitters and controllers from the fields of pressure, climate, leakage and ventilation can be individually configured and adapted to their applications. In addition, important aspects of preparing a bid are various media and electrical connections as well as questions about accessories. Therefore, let us advise you professional and not binding. Our experienced staff prepares you a suitable offer quickly.

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