Ventilation and climate controls

Ventilation and climate controls

Ventilation control systems - decentralised, user-independent, energy-efficient

ZILA offers a wide selection of climate controls and ventilation devices for a variety of industries and applications.

Decentralised, user-independent, needs-based ventilation and dehumidification with climate controls

Our climate controls are energy-efficient as they work in a user-independent, needs-based and controlled way. They come with climate sensors and are suitable for decentralised dehumidification and ventilation and cooling. Our devices are ideal to be used in many different locations - from new constructions, buildings requiring refurbishment, energy-efficiently renovated and modernised buildings, to halls, churches, archives and conference rooms. To sum up, should you decide to use our ventilation devices, you will preserve the fabric of the building concerned and create a comfortable feel-good climate.

Radon-free rooms thanks to a climate control in your house

Radon is an odourless, tasteless, colourless noble gas with high density. It is a radioactive decay product of radium, thorium and uranium. Radon can be released into the atmosphere through gas-permeable soils due to its nature. If the earth's surface is covered with buildings, radon may also enter cellars and the basement.

In some regions of Germany and Europe, the radon concentration in residential buildings is so high that some of them even become uninhabitable. For this reason, solutions reducing the radon load to a harmless minimum are urgently needed.

The climate control KST-20 Vento/RN allows the room to be ventilated safely and user-independently. This not only creates a comfortable feel-good climate, but also ensures that the air we breathe is healthy and fresh.

More information about radon, specified limits and the application of our climate control can be found in our blog:

Radon: Health risks and limit values

Radon inside the house, in the cellar or basement

Radon ventilation with our KST-20 Vento/RN

Simple CO2 level monitoring with a climate control

Carbon dioxide can become dangerous, but it also has useful properties. In public buildings and recreation rooms, the concentration should be kept low. In industrial applications, however, accurate monitoring and targeted implementation can have many advantages. It is therefore essential to take accurate and precise measurements. The climate control KST-20 Vento/CO2 opens up possibilities to create the ideal climatic conditions for lots of individual situations.


Product overview climate control, room dehumidification and residential ventilation

KST-20 Vento

Climate control for dehumidification, ventilation or cooling of any kind of rooms

Front view of the climate control with display and operating keysaH_Controlled TechnologyRn-Protected Technology

Multifunctional climate control KST-20 Vento with aH-Controlled Technology for automatic, controlled and needs-based ventilation, dehumidification and cooling of commercial, industrial and private rooms.

The climate control is comes with with separate connections for supply and exhaust air elements up to a maximum of 500W as well as further connections for all common ventilation devices (see product details). It is possible to display the current measurements and set various parameters at any time using the operating keys and display. Due to its comfort functions such as frost and dry protection, the climate control KST-20 Vento can be applied flexibly in almost any living, working and industrial areas

It is also available as KST-20 Vento with radon ventilation, equipped with an additional radon sensor. Besides the absolute humidity, the radon concentration inside the building is measures as well.

Another option is the KST-20 Vento with air quality monitoring. It contains a CO2 sensor and can measure both the absolute humidity and the carbon dioxide content.

Climate control KST-20 Vento in standard version.

KST-20 Vento

Ventilation, dehumidification, cooling

Climate control KST-20 Vento with Radon ventilation.

KST-20 Vento/RN

Ventilation, dehumidification, radon ventilation

Climate control KST-20 Vento with air quality monitoring

KST-20 Vento/CO2

Ventilation, dehumidification, air quality measurement

Fields of application:

  • Applicable in any kind of building
  • Particularly suitable for non-inhabited rooms such as cellars, drying rooms and other adjoining rooms
  • Room ventilation according to DIN 1946-6
  • Room dehumidification based on absolute humidity (aH-Controlled Technology)
  • Room ventilation in case of an increased radon concentration
  • Ventilation of rooms with a high CO2 concentration
  • Temperature-controlled cooling of rooms and electrical installations

product details:

KST-20 Calima

Climate control room dehumidification and living space ventilation according to DIN 1946-6

Front view of the climate control with LED displaysah_Controlled Technology

Due to the modern design of its housing, the climate control KST-20 Calima is especially suitable for ventilation and dehumidification in all living spaces. The device is factory-set and works automatically wherever it is needed. For this reason, the climate control KST-20 Calima has essentially been designed without display and operating elements, so that it is safe to use in public buildings as well. The automatic mode ensures a comfortable feel-good climate even when the user is not there (optimum temperature/humidity ratio). Two LEDs on the housing indicate the current status of the device. Manual ventilation processes can also be carried out with a button on the unit.

By using modern plug connections, one-step, two-step and speed-controlled fans can be connected very easily.

  • Two control or switching outputs up to 500W each (230V or 0...10V)
  • Two versions available: 230V or 0...10V
  • Suitable for all areas of a house (living areas and non-living)
  • Factory-set values

Product details:


Exhaust air fan with integrated climate sensor technology for automatic room dehumidification for rooms up to 25m²

automatic cellar dehumidification with fan

Exhaust air fan with integrated climate sensor technology for automatic and controlled dehumidification. The integrated electronics detects the climatic conditions both inside the room and outside the building and initiates an automatic ventilation process if required. Additional supply air fans can also be connected to the device.

  • Ideal for small rooms and side rooms up to 25m²
  • Especially suitable for cellars and garages, as well as drying and laundry rooms
  • Energy-efficient due to the aH-Controlled technology

Product details:


Climate control KST-10/ KCS-10 with climate and air quality monitoring for room ventilation and dehumidification

This product is no longer available. As an alternative follow-up product, we recommend the climate control KST-20 Calima or KST-20 Vento (ventilation, dehumidification, cooling).

KCS10 KST10 KCS-10 Ventilation Dehumidification Building

Decentralised, needs-based, user-independent ventilation and dehumidification for any kind of building

This climate and ventilation control is available in two versions:

  • KST-10 (measures temperature and humidity with an indoor and outdoor climate sensor)
  • KCS-10 (with an integrated CO2 sensor climate sensors for inside and outside)

You can connect 230 V AC supply and exhaust air fans directly to the device. In addition to controlling the climate, the CO2 threshold values and other control parameters can also be adjusted.

  • Ventilation and dehumidification of residential and office buildings and cellars as well as conference rooms, production halls, churches, museums, etc.

Product details:


Cellar dehumidification control EKS-13

This product is no longer available. As an alternative follow-up product, we recommend the climate control KST-20 Calima or KST-20 Vento (ventilation, dehumidification, cooling).

EKS-13 Dehumidification cellar building

Compact, climate-controlled dehumidification control system that can be directly connected to a 24-volt-fan or 24-volt-window opener, driven by an electric motor. Dehumidification is done as required by determining and comparing the absolute humidity inside and outside. Besides frost protection and a data logger, manual operation is also included.

  • Dehumidification of cellars, vaults and other rooms up to 100 m³ or 30m²

product details:

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