Development of electronic devices, hardware and software service

Customised electronics and device development

Electronics is everywhere and nowadays accompanies most people in every situation and area of life. To name just two examples - standard solutions for electronic components can be found in electrical and in DIY shops in plenty.

However, it can also happen that a standard solution, especially for more complex commercial and industrial applications, does not exactly fit the application in question. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an individual device that is tailor-made for the specific application or the customer. This means that a flexible company must be found which can provide an application- or customer-specific product and technical solution.

ZILA is considered a specialist in electronic device technologies and can look back on more than 15 years of experience in the development, production and maintenance of more than 5,000 leakage test devices. In measurement, control and regulation technology, ZILA has become known for its leading technology and product solutions in the field of automated, controlled climate monitoring and control.


Focusing on the subjects of pressure, temperature, humidity and CO2, we develop and manufacture electronic measurement, control and regulation devices for building services engineering as well as for machine and plant engineering (automation and process monitoring).

Electronics and device development along with hardware and software service under the same roof

Prototyping and design-to-cost

Along a product's life cycle, we develop a proposal to solve the problem on the basis of the customer's idea and feasibility or concept studies. Once this has been done, the necessary components can be selected and the circuitry and electronics are developed, while considering the budget given and the standards and guidelines applicable.

Firmware and software

When the electronic device has been developed, the firmware must be programmed. As soon as this process has been completed, we also develop configuration and application software for the most common mobile (iOS, Android) and desktop (Windows) platforms for our customers upon request.

Hardware service

After the customised device development (hardware and firmware) has been implemented and a market-ready / ready-to-use product has been created, we transfer the prototype to serial production, which is either handled by ourselves or in cooperation with our reliable business partners.

Even after the handover of the final electronics, software and documentation, ZILA accompanies the customised device development with an in-house hardware service and with software updates.

Electronics and device development under one roof


Our services at a glance

  • Development of application-specific products and solutions from the fields of pressure, climate, leakage and ventilation
  • Customised development of electronics
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Industrial controls
  • Customer support from the idea to the final product and beyond - follow-up, advice and asssistance through its entire service life 
  • Ready-to-use / Market-ready product solutions
  • Hardware, software and service from one and the same source
  • Continued advancement and reengineering


Advantages for our customers

  • Problem analysis
  • Application and sensor consulting
  • Solution proposals and recommendations
  • Main focus in the areas of pressure, leakage and climate
  • System development - prototyping - classification - serial production
  • Hardware and software developments for microcontrollers from Siemens, Texas Instruments, Philips, STMicroelectronics, Cygnal
  • PC software development for data collection, visualisation and archiving
  • Software development for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets
  • Cooperation and strategic partnerships with national and international universities

Customer-specific projects

Examples of customer-specific projects:

  • Measuring systems for leakage detection and for leak testing in water and gas pipes
  • Controls for intelligent battery presses
  • Measuring system for non-roundness measurement of freight wagon wheelsets
  • Self-sufficient energy sensor systems (utility model)
  • Miniaturised sensor unit for measuring temperature and relative humidity in industrial mixing plants
  • CO2 air quality sensor for CO2 concentration measurement in animal farming

Application-specific adaptation and development of new solutions

ZILA stands for competence and experience in pressure, air conditioning, leakage and ventilation. For more than 20 years, ZILA has been a reliable partner in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology.More than 5,000 leakage and tightness testers sold worldwide are an exemplary reflection of the trust placed in us. For application-specific products and solutions, we use state-of-the-art sensor technologies to develop an optimal and innovative device for our customers. We support our customers throughout the entire product life cycle from the planning and development phase up to and including the manufacture of a market-ready product. In addition, we also take care of the maintenance and repair of their devices. In view of the rapidly changing technologies, standards and legal regulations, close and continuous cooperation with our customers and partners has become the company philosophy.

Our experienced engineers and technicians will help you to find the best solution for your application.ZILA GmbH