Safety pressure limiter DB-1000/2

Safety pressure limiter DB 1000/2

Electronic safety pressure limiter for minimum and maximum pressure limiting

Configurable with PC Software and Android App

Product description

The electronic safety pressure limiter DB 1000/2 is the combination of a pressure limiter (PZH) and an safety pressure limiter (PZHH) together in a common case and work independently of each other. The application is to prevent a transgression of the maximum operating pressure in refrigeration plants and air-conditioning systems in accordance with BGR 500, chapter 2.35 (operator) and EN 378 (manufacturer). Pressure limiter (PZH) and safety pressure limiter (PZHH) supervise the respectively oriented pressure threshold. At transgression the respective output relay is switched inactively and a signal LED flashes. The reset of the PZH is carried out by means of a button at the case. The PZHH can be resetted only after removal of the lid by means of a button.

Product features

Product features

  • Safety pressure limiter in accordance with EN 378 with self-test functions
  • internal errors cause the immediate switching off of the outputs and being shown by a LED-flash code
  • USB socket for the connection with PC or notebook computer
  • Parameter setting, reading of the appeared pressure maximum and other functions are possible with the help of an enclosed PC program
  • independent analogous pressure output of 4...20 mA (4 mA at 0 bar, 20 mA at nominal pressure)

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Pressure area

The pressure cells of the PZH and the PZHH will be choosed depending on use purpose. The nominal pressure (up to 4000 bar) is indicated in the model number.
Example: DB 1000/2 -- 50: Nominal pressure 50 bar
Pressure measuring cells: High-grade steel diaphragm, resistant to all refrigerants to EN 378-1 (appendix E), permitted overload up to double nominal pressure, the bursting pressure is the 2,5 times nominal pressure

Medium and operating conditions

  • Operating temperature: - 40.... + 60°C (for the device)
  • Temperature in media: -40...+125°C (under using of heat insulation between sensor and media
  • Shock proofed
  • Vibration speed max. 4,5 (10) mm/s (category B Class III in according ISO 2372 ) at 50 Hz
  • Protection class: IP 65 (when the lid is closed)
  • Resistance against all refrigerants to EN 378-1 (appendix E)
  • The safety pressure limiter is suitable for using with all refrigerants of the media group 1 und 2 in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU, for example
    Mg1:NH3 (R717)
    Mg2:R22, R134a, R507, R23, R744 (CO2), R404a, R407a, R407c

Certified according ""EG-Baumusterprüfung"" (Type Examination) (PED 2014/68/EU), Certificate-Number 01 202 973-B-16-0023 by TÜV Rheinland

Since May 2013 the DB1000/2 is admitted also for hydraulics applications until 500 bar.

Latest version of "DB1000 soft" for the safety pressure limiter: DB1000/2 software

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