Automatic room dehumidification with our exhaust fan Aero_aH_100

Side view of exhaust air fan Aero-aH 100

Exhaust air fan with integrated automatic dehumidification control 

Product description

The Aero_aH 100 is an exhaust air fan for small spaces up to 25m² (~90m³) and provides for automatic, user-independent and climate controlled dehumidification. The device comes with an integrated dehumidification control as well as an indoor and outdoor climate sensor. Controlled dehumidification is achieved by comparing the indoor and outdoor climate. To support and enhance dehumidification, additionally, users can directly connect and control a supply air fan with the Aero_aH 100.

Further information about dehumidification on the basis of the absolute humidity can be obtained here:
aH-Controlled technology

Product benefits

  • User-independent and climate-controlled ventilation by comparing the actual humidity in the air indoors and outdoors 
  • Fully automatic device with integrated indoor and outdoor climate sensor
  • Removes moisture and prevents condensation
  • Energy-efficient, as ventilation is only carried out if necessary
  • Easy installation since both climate sensors are fully integrated

Product features

Other product features

  • Extension option: supply air fan which can be connected directly with the fan assembly (thus a controlled air exchange can be ensured due to simultaneous switching of supply and exhaust air fan)
  • Manual mode ( option to connect an external button, automatic mode resumes automatically after 20 minutes)
  • Connection cable of outdoor climate sensor with plug and socket in robust design included (easy to insert in distance frame)
  • Frost protection prevents the room from cooling down (ventilation only when the outside temperature excceeds +3°C)


Operating principle

Efficient room dehumidification can be achieved with controlled ventilation by removing moist air from the room concerned, and, simultaneously, by introducing dry air into the room. For this reason, the absolute humidity (aH) is determined as a measure of the water vapour content in the air by the two climate sensors (indoor and outdoor climate sensor). Measurements are taken immediately after the device is switched on. As soon as the absolute humidity content of the outdoor air is lower than the absolute humidity content of the indoor air (aHoutside< aHinside), the fan inside the Aero_aH100 is automatically switched on and a dehumidification cycle begins (active time)

The process of introducing dry and removing moist air from a room takes about 10 minutes. Afterwards, the fan is switched off for another 10 minutes, so that the misture-loaded room air can mix up with the drier outdoor air supplied (passive time). After the pause time has expired, the device compares the climatic conditions again.

There is no air exchange if the comparison of the climatic conditions reveals that the absolute humidity of the outdoor air is higher than that of the indoor air (aHoutside> aHinside). This prevents moist air from flowing in. The fan is only switched on again, when the climatic conditions make dehumidification necessary and an air exchange is required.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 8 W
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Flow rate: 78 m³ / h to 92 m³ / h
  • Color: white, similar to RAL 9016
  • Material: Plastics
  • Sound pressure level: 27 dB (A) / 32 dB (A)

Fields of application

Fields of application

  • Suitable for small and adjoining rooms
  • Especially recommended for cellars and garages


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Dehumidification technology aH-Controlled briefly explained


Scope of delivery

The fan assembly is supplied with an integrated indoor climate sensor as well as an external cover with an integrated outdoor climate sensor.

  • Fan unit with indoor sensor
  • Exterior flap with outdoor sensor
  • Sensor cable
  • Foam tapes
  • Mounting and operating instructions

Prices and availability

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Aero_aH 100 exhaust air fan for room dehumidification

More details
Fields of application and extension options of the Aero_aH100

Fields of application and extension options of the Aero_aH100

More details

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