Aero_aH100 automatic room dehumidification

automatische Raumentfeuchtung mit Abluft Ventilator

Exhaust Fan with integrated dehumidification controller for automatic room dehumidification.

Product Description

The Aero_aH 100 is an exhaust fan for small spaces up to 25m² (~90m³) and provides user independent, climate controlled and automatic dehumidification. The device comes with an integrated dehumidification controller and 2 climate probes for climate measurement inside and outside the building/room. The controlled dehumidification is realised by the comparison of the inside and outside climate based on the absolute humidity.

Further information on absolute humidity dependent dehumidification: aH controlled technology

The user can support and enhance the process of dehumidification by connecting a supply air fan directly on to the Aero_aH100 device.

product benefits

  • user independent and climate controlled airing through comparison of the absolute humidity inside/outside
  • comes fully automated with climate probes
  • dehumidificates the room and avoids condensation
  • energy efficient, airing only if the climate conditions are advantageous
  • easy and fast installation and mounting

product features

further product features

  • expandability with an supply air fan that can be connected directly on the Aero_aH100
  • manual mode
  • protection from frosting (airing only if the temperature outside is higher than 3°C)



The controlled ventilation dehumidifies the rooms (cellars) through targeted removal of humid room air and simultaneous supplying of dry outside air. To do so, the absolute humidity (aH), as a measure for the water vapour content in the air, is determined by both climate sensors (those for interior and exterior spaces). This measurement takes place immediately after switching on the unit. As soon as the absolute outside humidity falls below the absolute inside humidity (aHouter < aHinner) the fan of the Aero_aH100 is automatically activated and a dehumidification period begins (active time). Ventilation and air extraction take place for roughly 10 minutes. Then the fan is switched off for a further 10 minutes so that the moist room air can mix with the dry air brought in from outside (passive time). After the waiting period has lapsed, the comparison of the inside and outside humidity is repeated. 

If the absolute humidity of the outside air is found to be greater than that of the air inside the room (aHouter > aHinner), air is not exchanged. This prevents moist air from flowing in. The fan is only switched on again once the climate conditions make dehumidification possible.

technical specifications

technical specifications

  • Power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz
  • Power requirement: 8 W
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Flow rate: 78 m³ / h to 92 m³ / h
  • Color: traffic white, similar to RAL 9016
  • Material: Plastic
  • pressure level: 27 dB (A) / 32 dB (A)

fields of application

Fields of Application

  • suitable for small rooms and ancillary rooms
  • especially suitable for cellar and garage


scope of supply

The fan assembly comes with built-in indoor climate sensor and external cover with built-in outdoor climate sensor.

  • Fan unit with internal sensor
  • Exterior flap with outdoor sensor
  • Sensor cable
  • foam tapes
  • Installation and operating instructions

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