February 2021

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The influence of CO2 on the air quality and our daily lives

At home, at work, in public transport: People in Europe spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Depending on their age and activity, every single person breathes in 12 to 24 kg or 10 to 20 m³ of air per day. However, when exhaling, we humans breathe out a significant amount of CO2. So you could say we become CO2 producers ourselves, and, with that, we are the main influencers of the air quality in our indoor spaces. 
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CSC-20: New product family of decentralised CO2 controls

Wherever CO2 is used, reliable personal and plant protection is very important. However, in building services engineering, the air quality and human well-being can also be increased significantly by controlled domestic ventilation. For this reason, decentralised and automatic controls, based on the CO2 concentration, are ideal solutions in this respect.