Fields of application and extension options of the Aero_aH100

Fields of application and extension options of the Aero_aH100

The compact Aero_aH100 is an exhaust air fan for automatic dehumidification of cellars, garages, work and hobby rooms as well as other adjoining rooms up to approx. 25m².

The device is unique in its design, as the fan unit comes with an integrated dehumidification control. In this way, moist indoor air is reliably removed from cellars and other damp rooms, depending on the climatic conditions outside.


Design of the small room fan Aero_aH 100

The intelligent dehumidification control, integrated in the device, uses an indoor and an outdoor climate sensor. These sensors are located in the self-closing flap and can determine automatically and user-independently, whether ventilation is beneficial to dehumidify a room or not.

Aero_aH100 Abluftventilator mit integrierter Entfeuchtungssteuerung

For this, the Aero_aH100 determines and compares the absolute humidity of the indoor air with the outdoor climate.

Dehumidification, following the approach of absolute humidity, is very effective since the fan is only activated automatically if drier air from outside is brought inside and moist indoor air can be removed by the Aero_aH100.

Explained: Absolute humidity

aH-Controlled [absolute humidity]: Absolute humidity is a physical measurand, which is composed of temperature and relative humidity. It represents the actual water vapour content in the air and is therefore specified in grams per cubic metres (g/m³). If the measured absolute humidity outside is lower than the one inside, the humidity indoors can be reduced sustainably by bringing in fresh air from outside and removing moist air from inside.

Attention: Most room dehumidification solutions, such as hygrostats, only consider the relative humidity but not the outdoor climate. However, letting in more moist outside air leads to the exact opposite effect (the room becomes even more damp!). Fans and climate controllers from ZILA with an aH-Controlled logo work according the approach of comparing the absolute humidity and only ventilate when the climatic conditions are appropriate. -needs-based, fully automatic and even when the user is not present

Functional principle of the aH_Controlled Technology

Further information on the aH-Controlled technology

Connecting a supply air fan to the Aero_aH100

Function of the integrated single-stage fan

Based on the principle of pulse or impulse ventilation, the dehumidification control is able to specifically remove moist indoor air through the Aero_aH100. A more efficient and faster dehumidification of rooms can be achieved by combining the Aero_aH100 with a supply air fan. So you could say connecing an additional 230V supply air element to the dehumidification control integrated in the Aero_aH100 is already foreseen, so that both of the fans can be controlled simultaneously by the dehumidification control.

Explanation of the components and functions

*The corresponding circuit diagram can also be found in the Manual of the Aero_aH100

Other features of the Aero_aH100 at a glance

There are several possibilities to install the device: It can be mounted by a wall opening or by plugging the fan in a wall sleeve. Besides, it is also possible to fit the Aero_aH100 in appropriate windows, using a window installation kit and spacer frame. Ceiling mounting is another possibility for the device to be applied.

Once installed, the Aero_aH100 works automatically and independently wherever it is used. Two LEDs on the device indicate its status at any time and also show, whether dehumidification has been successful or not. The functions of the dehumidification control also include dry and frost protection: This means there is no ventilation process anymore when temperatures approach the freezing point and, with regard to the feel-good climate for humans, the relative humidity inside is kept at a healthy level.

A manual ventilation process, however, regardless of the climatic conditions, for example to eliminate odours after working in the garage or hobby room, can be started with a button on the device. This can also be done by using an external switch or button.

Product feature
  • Integrated function
Operation, comfort, functions
  • Self-test function
  • Dehumidification control and climate sensors included in the device
  • Status of the device displayed by two LEDs
  • Frost protection preventing the room from cooling down at low inside or outside temperatures
  • Dry protection preventing an excessive reduction of the indoor humidity (feel-good climate)
Automatic and manual ventilation
  • Automatically ventilating control with active phases (fan on) and passive phases (incoming air can absorb moisture)
  • Manual ventilation process possible by pressing a button on the device
  • Optional connection of an external switch or button possible
Connecting and mounting
  • Wall and ceiling mounting option
  • Installation for window mounting: with distance frame and window installation kit
  • No further commissioning required after electrical connection and mounting
  • Supply air fan optionally connectable
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